Product Details

Castel has had a clear mission: to integrate quality into the entire business life. One of the first Italian companies in the mechanical sector to have obtained in the early 90s, the ISO 9000 certification, Castel has always conceived as a global commitment and the quality of daily life, with the aim to maintain the high standard of production and constant over time. Castel is a wholly owned Italian, which has been consolidated over the years and has grown at a steady pace, thanks to the continuity of family management and strong vocation for innovation and internationalization. Present on the market since 1961, in the middle of an established network of trade relations, Castel is a reality on the solid foundation that offers our customers and suppliers are assured of a stable and continuous basis. An ongoing commitment to developing new solutions. The capacity of the Castel to keep up with the times is evident in research funding. For years, the company is engaged in the development of cutting edge solutions for the safety of facilities and the use of new refrigerants, even natural. Throughout the world, the signature Castel is a sure guarantee of authenticity. As in the best Italian tradition, the origin of Castel products are synonymous with innovation, attention to detail and professionalism of the service.