Product Details

Roen Est was founded in 1983 in Ronchi dei Legionari (GO) as a fi nned pack heat-exchanger manufacturer and is now a multinational company with three production units in Italy and two production units in Slovakia. The Roen Est Group is actually considered one of the market leaders in design and production of heat-exchange elements.
During more than 25 years of activity the company has continuously developed itself by expanding the production plants and by diversifi cation of its product range, beginning in 1991 with the opening of a new production plant in Romans d’Isonzo (Eta Est) for the manufacturing of shell and tube heat exchangers.
The company continues to grow with the acquisition of the Slovakian company RTV Coils in 1999 and the subsequent foundation of Klima Est in 2000, starting also to manufacture static coils. Between 2005 and 2007 the Roen Est Group, situated in Ronchi dei Legionari, registers a further expansion and market penetration: the plants in Italy and in Slovakia increase their production capacity by 30% and start to produce unit coolers and remote condensers which complete the Roen Est product range.